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LA based grime producer Patrick Brian has made a name for himself both locally and abroad. With three releases already on Terrorhythm, a London based label headed by none other than Plastician (aka Chris Reed), Brian has his sights set on expanding his sound and pushing his talents to the limit.  

Brian fuses dark and eerie soundscapes with sharp percussion and bouncy bass lines that mesh together into a beautiful, calculated chaos. We first took notice of the artist after his remix to Promnite’s infamous “Unity” track debuted over a year ago, chopping bass kicks and soulful saxophone riffs into a certified club-ready banger.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with the producer to pick his brain on his sound, musical influences, and what he sees happening next in the genre. The full interview and link to his commissioned mix are posted below.

How did you get into Grime? 

I got into Grime through Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Rap music among other things. I remember an old co-worker giving me a USB filled with live Drum & Bass sets and I obsessed over them. Specifically a AK1200, Dara and Dieselboy set (Live@Proper) that started with Technical Itch - Dimensions which made a huge impact on me. The insanely distorted bass sounds clicked with me and I started searching for more music that sounded like this. Around the same time I was being put on to a lot of UK Funky and Dubstep, mainly Hessle Audio, and even though the sounds weren't always as gritty as I would like, the rhythms were exactly what I was looking for. As I listened more, music from labels like Butterz,Terrorhythm, Oil Gang... and DJs like Spooky confirmed I had found what I was looking for in Grime and fully dove in.

What’s your ideal environment to?

I prefer to make music alone at home and mostly at night. Ideally, I would love to have a somewhat professional studio to make music in but for now, Im most comfortable making tunes in my room. 

What influenced your move to LA?

I moved on a whim. Around 6 years ago I was taking grave shifts making donuts in Portland and one of my lifelong musical partners, Queen Leaf, was about to move to LA for school. I essentially tagged along with him and it was the best choice I've ever made. I'd lived in Portland all my life and I wanted to move to a bigger city with more active nightlife and it seemed like an obvious decision.

Tell us about this mix.

If I’m not listening to someone mix in a club then Im listening to them in transit. I mostly listen to mixes while I’m driving or in my headphones on the bus. I wanted to make a mix that wasn’t hype specific, location specific or vibe specific; something that blends the music I’ve been listening to from my friends and others that I’d listen to on the way to work. 


What influences your sound? How would you describe it?

I’d say my sound is some percussive blend of darker club music and grime. I’ve been playing the drums since I was 10 and never played any melodic instruments so most of the music I make on a computer tends to be based on the rhythm with little focus towards the melody and harmony details. 

What artists are you currently listening to?  Who would you like to work with?

The list is so long. If I had to mention a few producers I’m really excited about right now it would probably be Jook, Gundam, Letta, Shudan, Bazza Neffa-T and Queen Leaf. 

Also MCs like MicTy, Big Zuu, AJ Tracey and Jammz.

I’d love to work with any of the MC’s I just mentioned and many others. A lot of the music I make involves thinking about how someone would vocally flow over the tune and I think it would be amazing to work directly with someone and write a tune that specifically works around them and their style.


Future - 56 Nights (Korma Chop)

Lillia Betz - Ungeziefer #1

Queen Leaf & ESL - Untitled 

King L x Celestial Trax - Venus Piece (Geng Bootledit)

Queen Leaf - Gone (Patrick Brian Remix)

Letta - 28 Grams on Road

Mike G - Nuvo

Lady Dahlia - Frenemies

Queen Leaf - Karma

GRRL - Bad Bitch (VIP)

Farsight - Hymn of Safe Passage 

August Alsina - Down Right Now (DJ Deamonds Edit)

Lington - 3310 Riddim

Patrick Brian - WHITE LABEL (Unreleased)